The Modified Lite STARS International Championship Tour racing series is a non-profit organization established to give motorcycle-powered modified lite race cars, in the Western Pennsylvania/Eastern Ohio, West Virginia, New York, Delaware, and Canada area a chance to compete with one another for a higher purse structure and for a point fund for the scheduled events. Having competed at many of the major dirt tracks in the tri-sate Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland and West Virginia area since 1994 running under the banner of the Pennsylvania Modified Lite Racing Association, the organization grew over a period of 18-years to the nationality level when the New York DWARF Car Association (a New York/Canadian organization) teamed with the PA group forming the Modified Lite STARS International Championship Tour.

In 2006 the Modified Lite STAR's Championship Tour was formed to provide drivers the opportunity to compete at a regional level known as the STARS North (Canada region) and STARS South (Ohio/PA/WV Region). The Modified Lite STARS Tour continue to develop into the 2011 season with the addition of the STARS East (Delaware region) and STARS North East (New York) joining the Modified Lite International program making the STARS program a perfect for an international modified lite racing program.

The Modified Lite STAR's International Championship Tour represents an aggressively growing segment of motor sports' racing and is recognized as the leader in modified lite racing in the tri-state area of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio along with New York Delaware and Canada.